Monday, February 11, 2008


i think i told just about everyone in the world how bad my work environment was when i started my new job. if you happen to be one of the lucky ones who missed the saga...try not to get me started, but the long and short of it is that i was hired for a full time job and ended up having NOTHING to do all day most days and when i did have something to do I had to work for a HORRIBLE woman who micromanaged like no other. (there is no animosity...)

moving on.. i wanted to take a minute to reflect on how unbelievably different my work is now. first of all the crazy lady was never my boss (although she pretended to be and even made me fill out worksheets titled 'how best to work with me') and sadly we didn't find that out til we were working for over two months. secondly we didn't realize that what she was doing to us/making us do (i.e. stamping 2000 envelopes with her name on them, going through documents that only our lab group would see to capitalize improper nouns such as interview room...this word DOES NOT need capitalizing!) were things that our REAL boss (a senior scientist with 5 current RO1s...i'd say he is pretty smart) would never ask us to do. he respects that we are not imbeciles and actually has already submitted an article to a journal with kendra and i as the sole co-authors. i'll get back to the point...the crazy lady finally quit and now no longer works with us! yay!

since that change life has been a lot better. i don't know if i realized before how much being unhappy at work can affect the rest of your outlook. kendra and i have taken over the other lady's responsibilities so we are now kind of sort of busy and i actually don't mind going to work everyday. i am happy i won't have to do it forever, but i can now manage the thought of doing it for another 11 months. and it was all a blessing in the end because kendra and i did some major bonding while we were miserable and now have quite a little friendship. i'm happy to have someone who understands how this all progressed as only we can.

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Patty said...

Hey Nicole! I'm so glad to hear that life has been better for you now that the work situation has improved! I know how hard it can be to feel good about life when work sucks and I envy the upswing your job has taken :) Also, I got your save the date on Monday and it is prominently displayed on the fridge. The magnet was a nice touch. Hope all is well- I miss you!