Monday, February 11, 2008

Truffle Shuffle and a cute puppy

This is the cute puppy... (i know again it is blurry...i struggle)

his name is jack and he belongs to our friends Joe & Janelle. he is 10 weeks old and oh so very cute and sweet and big.

grant and i signed up to run the truffle shuffle with tom and donna this past sunday. we were excited to run something together, but grant ended up with a hurt ankle sunday (due to some excessive basketball playing saturday). luckly joe & janelle decided to come hang out sunday cuz janelle was able to take g's spot and i didn't have to run alone. (she runs fast so i'm sore and tired today...made step aerobics an extra challenge) here are some pics...

me and janelle before the race

it was a very intense start (we all take 4 mile fun runs seriously)

crossing the finish line

whole gang...janelle, me, donna, tom, brad, b&l's friend, lawanda

it was fun... the rest of the day was spent acquiring a tote bag of free fabric swatches and eating at bepe and gianni's (joe and janelle SO spoiled us)!

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J & J said...

Makes me think of the Truffle Shuffle we ran together! Wow - that must have been 2006? Wish we were there!