Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine Tradition

We aren't big Valentine's Day people. We found this out our first Valentine's together. We'd only been dating a few months and Grant said he would take me to my favorite restaurant- Bepe & Gianni's - for dinner. The only problem was it is also everyone else's favorite restaurant AND they don't take reservations. I had to hang out with dead people til kind of late that night so our plan was for Grant to head over when they open and put our name in and then he could just grade papers til I got there. As I'm writing this I'm realizing its not really a good story... but I've now written three sentences so I'm committed but I'll end with...I was too tired to go out so we ended up ordering a pizza and cozying up on the couch watching CSI (which I was obsessed with that winter).

Last year we decided that pizza and cozying up is more our style than a fancy dinner and gifts so we made it our tradition. Jess & Jon had recently taught us how to make pizza at home so I surprised G with a homemade heartshaped pizza with I LOVE YOU spelled in bell peppers.

This year we decided to follow up the tradition with a Papa Murphy's heart shaped pizza (my homemade ones have been too doughy lately). We invited Kendra over and tried to finish the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (which we started last week). We had lots of fun and are so happy with our simple little tradition!

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