Tuesday, March 18, 2008

cake - check!, coordinator - check!, caterer - check!

as you can tell from the post title - this weekend was a whirlwind of wedding madness. it was one of those things where its good because you get a lot done, but its bad because you realize how much more there is to do.
the scenery...

as we enjoyed the beauty of bend we ran from meeting to meeting (usually getting lost in between) and got a lot done. our last stop on sunday was at aspen hall (where we are getting married). we met with the caterer and worked out some details then went to work. our goal was to finalize the layout of the ceremony & reception, as well as finalize the details of the decor. it took a few hours, but we put all the tables in place and carefully measured so we'll know how to make it happen september 20th!

here we are hard at work...

and this is the little video i made for grant so he could get a good visual of what the ceremony area would look like... excuse the gushy stuff =)

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