Thursday, March 20, 2008

war and weddings...

yesterday was the fifth anniversary of the US invasion to iraq. i can remember the day it happened...i was a freshman at UO and learned of it on my mini tv in my dorm room. i was so scared. i remember crying and worrying that a nuclear war would start. i guess at this point that hasn't happened, but we have been in a voluntary war for 5 years and have donated at least 4300 of our citizens to the "cause." this is a little video that is a nice tribute to the soldiers dead and alive in iraq.

on a happier marks exactly
6 months until grant and i get hitched!
we're both very excited, but can't believe how fast time is flying by all of a sudden. we are starting to think and plan more for the wedding and moving to is all going to be here before we know it! a little wedding humor for you...

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