Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ideas worth spreading...

i have to admit my favorite thing about being a blog lurker is that it leads me to other amazing resources, webpages, and.............. other BLOGS!

well yesterday i watched the tuesday talky on rosie o'donnell's blog (i know people think she is annoying, but i love her...) and she told me about i told grant about it and he informed me that he heard about it from rick, but hadn't looked at it yet. then today i checked this blog and there was mention of i have to check it out.

apparently it is just an amazing little site with short videos of 'ideas worth spreading' it features presentations from a conference held every year that invites 'the worlds greatest thinkers and doers' anyway... since i'm a blog whore and I didn't know about this site i thought i should pass along the gains of my many hours online. hope you enjoy!

....can you tell i like to add hyperlinks?? you know it is starting to get out of control when you search for words you can link to other places.....

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