Wednesday, March 5, 2008


ok i know last week i was banging on (a favorite British expression of my friend Kendra ha!) last week about my LOVE for google, but I have to further express my appreciation. First of all...if you have any respect for cool companies that make free stuff go here and look at some of the things they have made.

I will share some of the new discoveries I have made this week in an attempt to persuade you to appreciate the amazingness that is GOOGLE!

  1. Google Calendar - I've known about this for quite sometime, but what I love is the newly released ability for the google calendar to sync itself to outlook. This is awesome because my work calendar is difficult to access from home. Now I can set google to sync itself to outlook however often i want!
  2. Google Transit - This is what inspired this post...SO COOL! Have you ever tried to use public transportation and you wanted to shoot yourself in the head?? Suicide is no longer the only option! You just type in your start and end point and what time you need to be there by and it will figure out all the connections! This also has huge possibilities for travel because they are set up for public transport all over the world.
  3. Google Notebook - This is a handy little thing that allows you to take snippets from websites and save them in electronic notebooks. I can see this being very handy for recipes, wedding ideas, and craft ideas! OOO and also photo tutorials.

DO YOU SEE WHY I HEART GOOGLE?? also may have noticed that i learned this week how to make pictures of my computer is soo fun and easy. Who knew there was a button on the keyboard called 'print screen' ?


jenni said...

hot tips!! I am mostly excited about the notebook, I have all sorts of word files with random craft ideas. dont you have a mac though?

Grant & Nicole said...

can you not use it with mac??

Lindsey said...

Man, I love you! I learn so much from you! I have just recentley started using Google Docs for group projects with school...very useful!