Friday, March 7, 2008

now I'm it...

Jenni, the mysterious mystery shopper tagged me so here ya go...

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

I was loving life as an 8th grader at Rowe Jr. High - we seriously thought we ruled the world. Sadly our school split into two high schools so the majority of my friends went to our rival.

2. Five things to do/did today?
  1. pipetted urine
  2. spent 3 hours perusing (and using Google Notebook)
  3. drank my favorite dutch bros coffee
  4. made appointments to meet with caterers and bakers in bend next weekend
  5. ate banana bread for dinner

3. Favorite snack?

lately it is a tie between an iced nonfat vanilla latte from dutch bros and samoa girl scout cookies

4. What would I do if I were suddenly a billionarie?

pay off our school debt, travel, buy a house on lots of land near a city/town we love, buy TONS of craft supplies and time/skill to do them all, share it, buy clothes....oh man lots of clothes

5. Name 3 of your bad habits.

  1. always assuming the worst
  2. hoping for time to pass more quickly/not living in the moment
  3. letting those closest to me bear the brunt of my moods/emotions
6. Five jobs I have had.
  1. research coordinator at ORI
  2. human anatomy lab instructor at University of Oregon
  3. office assistant at Roehl & Sittner financial advising
  4. grocery checker at WinCo in Springtucky
  5. stencil painter for city of milwaukie (SUCKED...i had to wear an orange reflective shirt all summer and drive a utility day our assignment was to clear brush from a water reservoir and i stepped on a bee hive...first time i got stung and it was 9 times...there are so many more stories)

7. Five things people don't know about me.
  1. I've lost 8 pounds in the past few months
  2. I have a tattoo and used to have a nose ring and bellybutton ring
  3. My mom has 11 brothers and sisters (HUGE Irish Catholic family back in Boston)
  4. I danced for 14 years (tap, jazz, ballet, etc)
  5. I never thought I would get married...
Now it is YOUR turn: Lindsey, Leslie, Sarah, and Burton

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