Thursday, April 17, 2008

good day!

I felt A LOT like 'Foster' today, but it paid off!! I got up the nerve to ask for a raise I thought I deserved and got more than I thought I would... 20% increase!!!

This is HUGE for us! I'm quite proud of myself for asking because I was SOOO nervous! It helps that Kendra and I have the same job and were hired simultaneously so we went for it together. 

Anyway... Jess reminded me of this awesome post. I feel that way A LOT...i want to have all of the above, but I haven't gotten to the part where I'm totally content...hopefully i never do...i think that is what will keep me going! 

well its almost midnight and i just got home...still need to pack and wake up at 3am to fly to California AGAIN...surely tomorrow will be a GREAT day... right???

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jenni said...

holy crap!!! nice work, camera here you come! or something else fabulous like a wedding, lol