Tuesday, April 15, 2008

we're back (only til we go to california again...)

i haven't been in a blogging mood, but i'm feeling like i'm ready to report how our second weekend in california went. needless to say, 24 hours out of 72 in a car makes for a long weekend.

on the way down we stopped in roseburg so tori and dan (our road trip buddies) could buy a case of wine they like. the vineyard was beautiful...

we arrived in santa cruz late friday night, ate and went right to bed. we had a king bed...we need to upgrade to this at home ASAP! 

saturday we spent the morning running and taking a walk to the nearby beach. if we ever live
 in california this is an area i'd love to live (no doubt we can NEVER afford it). 

We found the most amazing produce stand between our hotel and the beach...we couldn't resist stopping there three times in the 24ish hours we were in town. this sign was on the way too... we thought it was pretty funny.

now for the real reason we made this trek...a beautiful wedding... grant's friend jess got married in a very simple, but beautiful wedding at her father's house (who built this amazing three story deck complete with an antique bar, deli, and soda shop!) we were glad to make it because the couple lives in australia and probably won't make it to our wedding...it was worth the long drive

grant's favorite road sign and a beautiful view on the way back...

nothing else new to report...busy with wedding planning and another weekend trip. lets just hope after all of this traveling my stomach starts feeling better...


jenni said...

Weed is 20 minutes from my house! Yo u should see the sign that says "College(arrow to the right)
Weed (arrow to the left)"

Grant & Nicole said...

i was wondering how close it was to your parents...missed that other sign have to look for it next time..