Tuesday, May 20, 2008

four months/123 days...how did that happen???

we are officially only 4 months away from the wedding. it seems like we just got engaged and soon we will be mr & mrs simmons - weird! it really hit me last week - i sort of had a mini freakout, but i think i've gotten it under control. all of the major stuff is done, but there are about 3 billion *not exaggerating* things left to do. not to mention that in the middle of all this G is finishing his dissertation and we are trying to move across the world AND figure out where we will come back to after france. whew!

here are a few wedding updates:

1. Sarah did a practice hair/makeup trial this weekend. it turned out great! i'm very excited to have someone i'm comfortable with doing this for me! Thanks Sarah!

2. My mom and stepdad are awesome and in light of my aforementioned mini freakout decided that making 30+ tablecloths wasn't a good idea - we put the order for all our rental orders in on sunday (i threw up in my mouth a little when i heard that linens will cost nearly $500 (this was the $5 cheaper per tablecloth than most estimates- and we have to give them back! i am trying to repeat...its better than making them...its better than making them...)

3. we are still working on the wedding craftiness i mentioned a few weeks ago and that project is almost complete - only a 'few' more to go

4. i went to a few seamstresses this weekend and found someone i'm confident in to alter my dress. it is VERY complicated and my weight loss hasn't helped the issue. being on top of the thing and getting your dress a year before your wedding doesn't always pay off i guess.... i scheduled my first fitting though... that is exciting! i can't wait for it to fit me cuz it is a tent right now.

5. the above picture is for our thank you cards...i'm so proud of them - i love printable transfer paper... i used to use it when i was OBSESSED with NSYNC in high school (and if i'm totally honest - the first few years of college) to make full on outfits for janelle and I to wear to their concerts.... but that is another story for another day!

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