Monday, May 26, 2008

good weekend

we had plans to go to washougal to camp this weekend, but as the weekend neared the weather made us decide to stay home. this was a novel idea... the two of us have not had a weekend alone together since at least march. this was SO needed. i love grant so much and although day to day life together is great i really cherish the times when we sit on the couch and watch a movie with wine and a fire or sleep in and cuddle till we want to get up, instead of when the alarm goes off. the only time i enjoy cooking is when we can take our time and prepare a meal together. it was a very good weekend indeed!

-made this together and paired it with ciabatta bread - YUMM
-watched this movie with a few glasses of wine

-spent the morning at saturday market and bought fresh strawberries, amazing olive oil, and fresh flowers
-spent the day apart (g-bball n-crafting)
-went to the vintage for dinner (fondu = yumm) and had a night in of homemade guac, salsa, chips, coronas & our favorite card game (i won! - never happens)

-watched this HILARIOUS skit on SNL - funnier after you see the actual commercial!

-slept in & made breakfast
-day at home (n-crafting g-data)
-mom & tim came down we had dinner at BJs with joel as our server (i heart pizzookies)
-saw indiana jones (it was ok)
-watched the great debaters (it was awesome!)

-grant is making someone very cold in the environmental chamber - 3 hours at 40 degrees fahrenheit in only shorts and t-shirt...BRR! you couldn't make me do that for any amount of money
-i have been on the couch for 4 hours online the whole time...i really do have a problem. i'm getting up now though...really! i am!

sure you wanted to know all the details, right? but this is like a journal for us i want to remember this weekend in detail! have a great week!

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