Monday, May 26, 2008

i HEART embroidery!!!!! (i REALLY heart it!)

i've been inspired by people (like her) who embroider for a while now so this weekend i decided to give it a try.

i used this book (i also heart the library) to get some pointers and went to it. it was surprisingly easy and now everything i look at i think about what i can stitch on it! i really want to get to a point where i can draw my own designs, but for now i'm using graphite paper to transfer designs to fabric and then stitch over it. BEST craft ever! love them! don't you wonder what this 'mr & mrs' embroidery will turn out to be?? are a few new sites i'm excited about: robot jumping rope & top secret recipes oh...and i love ALL of the links from this post (my morning has been spent devouring them all...)


jenni said...

yea for you! what are you making with the mr and mrs?

jenni said...

ps. sweet angled picture!

nicole said...

thanks! i'm learning that macro pictures are sweet, especially when you can edit them with picnik...since i never have learned to use photoshop.

ok...i'll tell ya! they will be hand towels for the bathrooms at the wedding. i'm going to put little baskets with lotion, deodorant, nice soap, etc in each bathroom and a few towels to spruce them up!

jenni said...

oh my gosh! what a nice touch!