Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another good one

we (by that i mean Grant) made these amazing lettuce wraps Sunday night. we've tried other 'asian inspired' dishes and they turn out ok, but this was awesome. we were trying to describe it to each other and came up with 'its just so flavorful' (i know we are good, huh?) there is so much going on you can't get enough. i do recommend not shopping at winco for the lettuce - we could only get iceburg and that left something to be desired, especially when said fiance forgets to wash it. ha!

anyway. this is another DROP EVERYTHING AND MAKE IT dish. i am very pleased that so many (read: three) made the pasta from last week! i know its not my recipe, but i like it when we all share good stuff! oh how happy blogging makes me!

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jenni said...

I am behind two recipes now! looks great!