Monday, June 23, 2008

our weekend in photos

chick flicks with kendra (and bulk candy from winco)

wedding invitations - involving several trips to kinkos and a very cranky bride to be (thankfully they agreed to redo EVERYTHING for free)

shows to keep me entertained while crafting. I love HBO shows & BBC miniseries, but i wish carrie would stop cheating on aidan!

fresh oregano - in our new favorite water 'glasses'

cooking dinners for this week - will let you know if they turn out

movie night in with our new favorite show brought to us by netflix and brett- we can't get enough

it was lazy, good, slow...

1 comment:

BWong said...

good to hear you guys are enjoying "the wire." i'm (not so patiently) waiting for the 5th and final (booo) season to be released on dvd.

and once we move and get settled we will try your pasta recipe.