Sunday, June 15, 2008


Graduation was this weekend. Friday we went to the HPHY graduation. This year it was held in my absolute favorite place on campus and the weather was perfect (although the pollen counts were ridiculous so i was miserable...). As a side note...i really don't think there is a more beautiful college campus...seriously! I will sorely miss being able to walk on campus after we leave eugene.

The graduation was as fun and personal as it usually is. We had the pleasure of having another close friend speak. Tom (not surprisingly) did an amazing job. I strongly suggest you listen to it if you have any ties to our humble little department, and especially if you are an alum of the EEP labs. (excuse my shaky arms and the poor quality)

It was bittersweet to have Tom and Brenna graduate. It means we really are the last ones here. We miss everyone soo much! There will definitely be waterworks when Tom and Donna drive off. The good thing is that we are racking up friends all over the country!

I can't resist posting a picture of the Swaynes...are they not the cutest? Oh man and they left us too!! Get us out of here!


J Manson Squared said...

Nicole, I cannot thank you enough for recording and posting Tom's speech!!! I laughed and I cried! I miss home and all of you so much! He did an amazing job. Where is stephanie going? Who is going to be the new dept head? Give everyone big hugs for us, we miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for recording this so we in NC could witness Tom's speech.
We are very proud of Tom and Donna and wish them the best in MA
At least they will be on this side of the US.
Donna's mom in Cary,NC