Tuesday, June 10, 2008

mosaic of answers!

I saw this on another blog i read and thought it looked fun. You answer the following questions and then do a search in flickr - pick one photo on the first page of search results to represent your answer. Then use this to make a mosaic!

The Questions:
I've filled in my answers after each question.

What is your first name? Nicole - anyone else think its weird that only skanky girls show up when i search with my name? this was as tasteful as it got...

What is your favorite food? pizza - so good! we went to mezza luna this weekend and it was awesome as usual!

What high school did you go to? Milwaukie High School. this is a picture of the current dance team during a parade - lol i have worn those costumes too many times! how long do they keep those things around? they weren't even remotely new when i wore them!

What is your favorite color? brown.

Who is your celebrity crush? this was hard - grant said it was rob lowe. i thought maybe jake gyllenhall?

Favorite drink? iced nonfat vanilla latte. can you believe when i typed that in a picture of ductch brothers came up?? it was fate

Dream vacation? thailand (there are SO many)

Favorite dessert? pizookie...have you had these? they are sold here. make them at home... half baked cookie with ice cream. sounds simple but i just had a homemade one for the 5th + night in a row...so amazing...

What you want to be when you grow up? mama. (when i asked grant this and he said happy...thought that was a smart answer - i want to be that too.)

10. What do you love most in life? bubba (grant) love the picture of the benches...reminds me of old couples cozying up in a park.

One Word to describe you. assertive. definitely depends on the situation, but there are too many examples of me being assertive to deny that it is deep in me.

Your flickr name. don't have one so i searched for my last name - miller. this tree came up - kind of like a family tree?

that was fun...you should do it now!

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