Wednesday, June 11, 2008

wedding crazed weekend

its crunch time for this whole wedding thing so we spent this past weekend driving all over the state of oregon.

saturday - g, my mom, and i drove to bend to meet with florist, baker, and caterer. we also visited all three houses our families are renting,

the park we reserved for the rehearsal (yes there was a wedding being held there),

and the hall just one more time. Also a wedding held there and oh man i try not to judge, but you should have seen this girl's hair... side pony on top of her head with the hair braided! YUCK. As i was taking this picture about 300 ants were crawling up my pant legs... they were all over all three of us... needless to say we felt itchy all day.

this is just a little reminder of why everyone wants to live in bend - can you blame them???

sunday - we got up early and drove to portland - were were in clackamas by 9:30a. we spent an hour or so registering at target. of course we chose the target that had a broken registry so we had to write everything down and i went online and did it all yesterday. next we spent about 4 hours at mens warehouse.

this nice man - brian (g and i think its weird that an older man would be named brian...anyone else?) and several others helped us pick out a very nice michael kors suit (on sale) for G. He looks great and we are both so excited to be done endlessly looking at suits we hate!

at this point we were exhausted, but pushed through...ate lunch and then went to the HUGE REI at clackamas town center to register there. it was SO fun to pick out all the camping/backpacking stuff we could have. if gas weren't so f-ing expensive we'd actually be able to camp this summer =(

we like sleeping bags...

tonight we are going to macy's to finish registering there and then we can check that off the list! such a weird concept to ask for people to buy you things, but either way its so fun to think of what we could have!

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