Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Congratulating Dr. Pellinger!

Tom defended his dissertation today... did fabulous (not surprisingly) and we are so excited that the famed Pellingers get to move on from the oppression that accompanies earning a PhD. Tom will start as a prof at Fitchburg State College in the fall & Donna will continue to work in fund raising. We'll miss ya'll!


Lindsey said...

Grant looks so happy...i think he is imagining himself in 6 months!! Congrats to Tom...Almost there Grant!

Holly and Everest said...

Yea, Knitting is about the extent of my craftiness. I'm kind of addicted though. I usually knit at night while Everest is sleeping because he gets annoyed when I do it during the day. I've been making cotton totes lately with lace patterns which are fun. And I just completed my first clutch purse. I'm not too good at sewing seams so I usually stay away from sweaters. BTW, I voted for your picture here's hoping you win the prize.

Lacy & Simon said...

Ph.D. training oppressive...congrats to Tom and Grant you are almost there. I'm proud of both of you! Can I just start calling you Dr. Grant anyway?