Tuesday, September 2, 2008


i've been trying to write my vows. to get inspiration i went through our 'box of memories' and found this. i wrote it while watching grant do his thing at the ACSM Northwest conference in February. helps me remember why we are still here and doing what we are doing...

"i look at you at things like this and love how interested you look (and are). makes me happy to see how it excites you - i know all your/our hardwork is worth it if you find so much joy/interest/knowledge doing what you do. i love it when you ask questions of John, of speakers, of anyone you deem worthy (which is most) - they are so well articulated - you use your best words and voice. i love how brave you are - you seem to have no fear when it comes to the acquisition of knowledge. so cute you are in your suit that we bought you. i hope you wear something similar the day you become my OFFICIAL life partner"

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Lacy & Simon said...

You guys are so sweet! You are lucky to have one another and each other's support. I'm so excited for you!