Wednesday, September 3, 2008

vintage linens

remember when i went to boston and told ya'll i got some vintage stuff? well i just got around to washing, ironing (although you can't tell), and photographing it. i left one of the table runners i got with my aunt as well as an amazing silk print of a woman nursing her baby (she will bring them out when she comes to the wedding).

this is a tea towel that matches the napkin below (set of 5 napkins from my aunt's stash!)

this one is just so sweet. i'm not even sure if it is actually old, but i love it.

LOVE the colors in this one!

**every time i post pictures these days i want to apologize...not only does my camera kind of suck, but our apartment gets the WORST light no matter what time of day but really im just too lazy to even attempt to edit most pictures. so you'll have to deal =)

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