Thursday, October 9, 2008

crafty goodness

the mailman was super good to me today. i got TWO packages full of awesome crafts. 
the first one i opened was my kit from Posie! so excited about it! i may just have to keep these for myself... 
the second was from a little family called the McCords. Jenni - I LOVE the needle keeper!! and, of course, the card. THANK YOU!!
I also don't think I ever showed you this...

my mom made these as favors for my bachelorette party - so random, but funny and cute - good paperweight! G liked it so much he requested one - his is more masculine... (if you can't tell - they are foot shaped rocks painted to look like a foot in a flip flop)
G made it safely to Missouri. He really likes it there! He is giving a talk tomorrow and meeting with current post docs! Keep praying for us!!! Next week he is off to Detroit.


jenni said...

Good luck Grant!! so glad you liked the treat. I am very excited to see your ornaments all finished. I tried to make my advent calendar ornaments look that pretty! HA!

Alisha said...

Hi Mrs. Creativity!
Do you have any super creative ideas for a halloween costume for EJ? Not like a bee, or a cowgirl, or a ghost. Something REAL good... :)