Thursday, October 30, 2008

Martha hearts Pingg too!

i've been hearting for about a year now. it is an online event planning site - you can send invites and set up an event website all for FREE! i like it better than because the images appeal more to my taste and i like the website set up better.

i barely ever use it because we never plan parties, but i did use it this week for G's dissertation defense party.

where does martha come in?? she just partnered with pingg! so i'll be seeing more of her, which is just fine with me.

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J Manson Squared said...

I love the invite! I WISH WISH WISH that I could be there! What a landmark event to celebrate (for you both!). I am taking my abdomen board exam that day I think, so rather than livin' it up Chapala style I'll be testin' it up ARDMS style! Do I know how to party or what!?