Friday, October 31, 2008

pumpkin patch: a retrospective

lindsey, kendra, and i spent last sunday morning at the lone pine farms pumpkin patch. it is a beautiful place that would fill any child's pumpkin fantasy. it had been a rough weekend full of emotional ups and downs - i was just barely holding it together (and proceeded to lose it shortly thereafter). this resulted in me being no fun to be around, but i think we all still enjoyed taking in the beautiful october day in oregon. our last october in oregon. my favorite time of year. sad.

it has been beautiful here lately. so funny - i always hear everyone saying how surprising the weather has been this october, yada, yada.. don't they realize that the best time to be an oregonian is indian summer?? its like this EVERY year. i guess God just helps you forget so the next time it comes around you can fall in love with it all over again.

did i mention i am in LOVE with the photo at the top of this post. for some reason it just speaks to me. if i knew how to use photshop i could probably help it along, but i still love it.

here is proof that the last two octobers have been just as fabulous as the current.

2007 at lone pine - just the two of us...

at northern lights colonial harvest days -

oh, to live near jon and jess again (CAN.NOT.WAIT)...

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