Monday, November 3, 2008

button wreath ornaments

i was trying to be sneaky and not mention what specifically was pictured in this post last week. but since i had so many (read: three) people ask about it i thought i'd post the link so you can make them too.

they are pretty freaking cute wreath ornaments made using buttons. they are, of course, a martha idea. you can find details here.

we adorned them with little jingle bells and made them in lots of different colors. i plan to give these packaged in little oragami boxes made out of christmas wrapping paper. here is the tutorial i've been using for the oragami - works really well, just be precise about your folds.


Holly and Everest said...

So I stole your idea for origami wrapping...but I used an origami cup with tissue paper inside instead. You are just full of fun ideas aren't ya.

nicole said...

so glad you liked this. i'll try to post more stuff like this - i'm realizing i need instant gratification with most of my crafts or they make me cranky!