Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Caps to Cap Haitien

i had a crappy day yesterday. not for any particular reason - its just how i am. sometimes i just feel... i don't know exactly how to describe it... some combination of apathy, boredom, sleepiness, frustration, being over/underwhelmed. the best way to describe it is feeling blah. its how i feel when i'm headed for a low, but not there yet. it happens a lot this time of year. its lame, but because this isn't something new to me i've started learning how to cope.

so far i've learned that i feel better if i give myself permission to be frustrated, and maybe even feel a little sorry for myself, that i feel this way. this ususally results in some major downtime, in which nothing productive occurs. i've also learned that if i allow myself to wallow too much i get worse. so i have to do something. anything.

now the point comes. nothing can make you feel better than helping other people right (even if it is in a very small, almost inconspicuous way)?

haiti (via maine) will get 20 newborn caps from me! i'm very pleased with them.

i made 12 of the regular knot caps out of our old t-shirts and then used sleeves to make an additional 8 skull caps. i worried that they weren't as cute, but grant thinks they are cuter so i'm sending them too.

i was quite worried about sewing on jersey - it sounded like it would be hard. i didn't find it to be that bad. this may be because, although i am, in every day life, a very anal person, i am a very sloppy seamstress. i just want it done. i used a tight zig zag as the pattern suggests and i only f*ed things up 4 or 5 times and never enough to get ruin any. i did manage to sew one with wrong sides together, but i decided it is still cute so i'm sending it.

for more information on how to help visit mamatomama.


jenni said...

what does f*ed up mean? HAHA. I am very excited!! You made tons!! Did you just use some old t-shirts of Grant's? Was it enough jersey? must have been. anyways I am glad you feel better!

Lindsey said...


Philigry said...

they look great! love those hats. Such a good cause.
Hope you are feeling better.