Tuesday, November 4, 2008

thank god.

intently listening to the president-elect speak 
(we watched coverage all night with jim lehrer - love him!)

it is hard for me to describe how overwhelming it feels to have faith in the person who is to be our next president. i am hopeful and excited to be an american for the first time in a long time. it is likely i will enjoy listening to our president speak for the next 4 years instead of embarrassed. i look forward to being proud of our country again and i think today was a huge step in that direction. we have an african american president-elect! amazing.

and now for a small rant. click away if it annoys you, but i need to get it out.

i don't care that people think you should have a logical or educated reason to vote for a president. i voted for someone who i felt good about and i think that has as much weight as someone who is the logical choice. that is not to say that i would vote for some random person off the street that i felt good about, but barack obama is extremely well educated and has experience (i know-you say not enough). i also think he possesses the know how to surround himself with people who can pick up where experience may leave off. i also feel like he may be less 'tainted' because of his lesser years in washington. i feel like he is a person, not a robot, when he speaks. that is important to me.

making decisions based on logic and fact can hold just as much uncertainty in outcome as making decsions based on 'gut instict' or feelings. and, really, when a friend asks you advice on a tough decision do you ask 'what does logic tell you' or do you ask 'what does your gut tell you?'

however you voted i hope and pray that our new president can earn your trust. i hope and pray i made the right choice. i hope and pray that our country is headed in new (better) directions. i feel very good about it.

p.s. can you believe my forehead vein in that picture?? gross.


Kimberly Julie said...

it still brings tears to my eyes to even think about... after a full day it is still sinking in. i could not be more hopeful about the future now... some great things are about to happen. :)

nicole said...

i couldn't agree more!

Lacy & Simon said...

I have been elated for days now! I totally agree with you and for the first time in 8 years I feel proud of my country. I have also been very emotional and cried during Obama's speech and everytime I picked up the paper yesterday. I have hope but I know that in order to make this new hope for my country a reality it will require work on my part. I'm ready!