Wednesday, November 26, 2008

meet bear!

lets just say i am incredibly jealous of my brother's new puppy. i want one SO BAD. i babysat him all day sunday and although he is exhausting i didn't want to give him back. i don't think grant will let him come over again (he might have had a few accidents - but he's just a baby!)... it was fun while it lasted!


Eric Snyder said...

Aborable! You should get one. Dogs are the best. Nemo is too cute to eat, though!

Burton said...

I am widely known as "not a pet person", but that is one adorable puppy.

Sean and Belinda said...

WOW, HE IS CUTE!!! We really want a dog too, but not until Sean comes home. After we find a house, we are going to the pound!