Tuesday, November 18, 2008

wedding review :: the dress

this post is the first in a series reviewing things i didn't blog about while planning our wedding, including crafts, the week prior to the wedding, and the big day. hope you enjoy!
i have had a tumultuous relationship with this dress. the picture above is the day i ordered it from a little boutique in seattle - i was SO excited. 
my favorite parts were the flouffy layers (flouffy is a technical term) at the bottom and the train. oh the train. makes me swoon... 
my body is weirdly proportioned so i listened to the lady when she told me that i should order a larger size. such.a.bad.idea. 
after the larger size and me losing quite a bit of weight (due to a new medication) this is how it fit. not good. after visiting many a seamstress (most of whom quoted me more than the dress cost in alterations) and insisting that somehow the dress needed to fit (and make me look like i have a womanly figure), jennifer phillips saved the day.
by the last fitting it fit so well that i struggled to breathe deeply while dancing the night away!
hmmm... now that i'm at the end of this post i'm wondering if there is any real point to sharing this... i guess i never talked about my dress before?? eh.


Holly and Everest said...

I was really impressed with your choice in dress when I first saw it at the wedding. Very different from the trend of strapless and bushy at the bottom. You really did look stunning so all the torture of getting that dress to fit was worth it in the end.

jessica said...

Beautiful as always!

Katerina said...

I just love your dress... Particularly the train, it is breathtaking... And the whole "design" of the wedding, the colours and the handmade stuff... All extremely beautiful!! Keep posting..!

Jenny.Lee said...

Your dress is gorgeous and I agree that train is amazing!