Thursday, December 18, 2008

crafty birthday gifts!!

stupid mailman has been hoarding my birthday presents from two very crafty and special ladies. but they came yesterday and today!!!

jess and jon sent me this awesome book that i forgot to put on my crafty book dream list, but in reality has been on there since i found the fabric flowers in it! yay! can't wait to show you what i make from the patterns in this book!

my house is a pit right now. a pit full of shit. and i know you aren't supposed to have the light coming from behind your subject, but taking photos of yourself is hard, k? back to the point... look at this scarf that jenni made me!! its one of her skinny scarfs! i'm not good at trendy, but i think this is laid back enough that i can make it work.

my macro is sucking lately. i love the color!

and this just because i thought it was funny - look at that eyeball!

THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!! (also thank your respective husbands and babies!)


jenni said...

you are so very welcome. I too love that green and it seemed to scream Mrs. Simmons!

Nicole said...

Hi! Completely off topic..but where did you get your birdcage veil?

Lindsey said...

Love the scarf! And exciting book!!!

nicole said...

Hi Nicole - I got it at it is her Emma Soft French Net birdcage veil.

Condo Dwellers said...

Doesn't really go with this post - but I just wanted to let you know I found your blog b/c of your hoodies that were featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs blog and LOVED them! Your wedding was amazing, so beautiful. And I tried the chicken recipe you suggested (the Vietnamese crock pot one), which was great.

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