Friday, March 20, 2009

6 months. wow.

today marks 6 months since the day we got married. isn't that insane?? it went by incredibly fast, but SO much has happened. that day we had no idea where we would be by now. since then we got incredibly sick in Mexico (significant because it was so miserable and lasted a month), my husband became Dr. Simmons, he also successfully interviewed for and accepted a new job, I got into nursing school, and we moved across the country away from everything we've ever known individually and as a couple. what a crazy ride.

i've been asked countless times since that day "how is married life?" at first it felt the same as our life before. we had been living together and planning our life together for a few years and were ready to make it all "official." the longer we've been married i've realized that there is a difference. there is a sort of permanence to things that wasn't there before. i don't know if it was saying those vows or the fact that we both have a ring or just the act of being with our family and friends to celebrate our love and commitment, but there is a new ora to our relationship. it can be scary that things are so permanent, but mostly i find it incredibly comforting and exciting. i love knowing that as long as we are both here we are both in it together.

before i know it we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary. why does life fly by so fast?

speaking of our wedding. i got an email yesterday from our wedding photographer informing me that she was contacted by Portland Bride & Groom Magazine . they wanted to know if they can feature our wedding in their Real Weddings section of the Fall '09 issue. ummm YEA YOU CAN! i'm really excited and feel honored that they asked us. the amount of praise we have received on our wedding has been so overwhelming and awesome. feels so good to know that my vision for something not only came to life successfully, but also that other people see it as such.

i'll let you know when the issue is on stands/on their website!

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that is awesome!