Thursday, March 26, 2009

love at first sight

old sewing book

this is a sewing book given to be my Grant's aunt (hi chris!!). i am SO in love with it. it is SO old and has been in Grant's family for a long time.

old sewing book

check this out - an inscription dated 1892. i can't make out all the words but it says Mrs. ______ and then Amsterdam under it. 

old sewing book

it seems that singing while stitching was important back then. more than half the book is songs and poems. i'll have to type some out - they are so great.

old sewing book

and now for the part that give me an indescribable amount of joy - the back cover. a little drawing of a sock being knitted with  "when daylight is flitting; we take up our knitting." written underneath. *swoon*

Chris - thank you so very much (for this and the knitting needles - I've already put them to work!)

i've also been meaning to post a thank you to Jenni over at Simple Beans for giving me a little award! on monday she gave me the Kreativ Blogger Award!

Now I am to list 7 things that I love:
  1. My husband - he is pretty freakin' awesome! 
  2. Home - being in our little space is always so comforting. being home in Oregon is equally so. 
  3. Creating - it really doesn't matter what it is, but as long as I am making something I seem to be happy. realizing this has made life so much better!
  4. I have to second Jenni on Organization - it is extremely freeing and comforting when everything has a place. 
  5. Blogs - i have benefited in countless ways from this oh so special community! 
  6. Dutch Brothers Coffee - I miss you!! (making my own iced vanilla latte is pretty good, but nothing beats a DB)
  7. Compliments and Comments - maybe it is vane, but it is so satisfying when something I do is enjoyed by other people! 
And its too hard to pick so if you are kreativ consider yourself awarded!!! 

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Kay said...

I don't know the history of the Sewing Illustrated book, or how long it has been in the family. Is there a publication date on the front page? It looks to be inscribed with the name "Mrs [Initials] Marcellus, Amsterdam 1892." I can say that my grandmother, Belle Hayward Davis - Grant's mother's mother's mother - sewed well and sewed often. She also knitted. ("Out of necessity," she once said to me. Being five-foot-eight, slender and disproportionately busty, "I don't have your ten dollar figure.") The book came from her house at 32 Avon Rd, right next door to the last house she and my grandfather, Dr. Howard Wilcox Davis, owned together before he died, in Binghamton, New York, the town they moved to in the 1920s and remained the rest of their lives, and where they were members of First Congregational Church. I include the church because along top the inscribed page, it appears to say "First Presbyterian Church." Hmm. My grandmother grew up Episcopalian in Shrewsbury, Vermont, and my grandfather grew up Baptist in, ah ha!, Amsterdam, New York, where he was born Nov 24, 1892.