Monday, April 13, 2009

spring bird

i hope everyone had a fun and festive weekend!
do you like my bird? i'm in love with her. i found her here and had to make one. she is so springy and happy.

i could never design anything like this with all these colors. i would go crazy trying to figure out where to put what. but i LOVE copying someone who isn't so anal - it makes for a beautiful result!

i heart french knots...

this will go in the mail tomorrow for a special birthday girl who i *hope* isn't reading this!
happy monday.


jenni said...

holy crap that is BEAUTIFUL!! serious skills you have!!

jessica said...

I LOVE THIS - You must help me make one!!

Holly and Everest said...


Don'Ana said...

What a surprise!
It was beautiful!
One day ... I create some designs for my Etsy and hope to see many of these works made; D ***
I loved the result and the colors ... 100% Spring!

Jennifer said...

LOVE it! Wish I could do this.