Thursday, April 9, 2009

quilt top

rows all together!

i spent yesterday afternoon finishing my quilt top. its FAR from perfect, but i am totally ok with that. i'm never going to be a seamstress that is super exact. its just not going to happen so i need to get over that now. above is just after i got all of the rows sewn together.

finished top

and then here is with the border. doesn't it look so much different with the border?? all these fabrics together are so sweet.

annoying mix up of squares

and here is where i show you the most annoying mistake EVER. in the last row i somehow mixed up the first two squares and didn't notice it until i was taking these pictures after the border was on. i'm way too lazy to pull all those stitches out so they are staying that way - forever taunting me.

quilt sandwich

on to the quilt sandwich.

i actually did all this and started quilting and it looks HORRIBLE - the back is very puckered. i didn't have enough pins nor did i have a non-carpeted floor to lay it out on. i will be spending the next day or so pulling out HUNDREDS of stitches and trying again. needless to say i got more safety pins....


our house!

and some news outside of crafting...
the house passed inspection yesterday! with flying colors! now we are just one step and about 35 days from being homeowners!


Holly and Everest said...

How exciting! A new home for your family.

jenni said...

Awesome!! you will have to frame this picture! you two are so cute.

I can't see your so called mistake in the quilt row. I hate those puckers. I made the lazy mistake too of not enough safety pins.

Sam & Rachel said...

The quilt looks adorable. Your mistake will bother no one except yourself. No one else would even notice. Congrats on the house!! That is super excited. Can't wait to see more house pics.

number17cherrytreelane said...

That is so wonderful! A new house and a special quilt! Beautiful!

Lindsey said...

Love the quilt...and SO excited about your house!!!

Philigry said...

i am so excited for you! i love the quilt, and the bird. don't get frustrated with the wuilting. my first quilt was a mess. i think lots of pins is the key!

Mel said...

I just quilted my first quilt, and the back is puckered in several places. It bothers me, but it kind of adds to the handmade first time quilt charm, I think. That is what I am telling myself, because the idea of picking out that many stitches...! Anyway, I love your quilt, it is so feminine and pretty! I found your blog via a comment on Anna Maria Horner's blog. You said something about your first quilt, so I had to come check it out, since I am also on my first!