Monday, October 12, 2009

pumpkin festival!

warning: picture heavy post...


we were going to go to the pumpkin patch this weekend but THEN we heard about the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival! what is a pumpkin festival? basically lots of fun booths and autumn festiveness where you can buy/pick pumpkins...SWEET! have i mentioned how much i like this stuff??

missouri clouds

i took this from our parking spot...which was the sweetest spot EVER. G read that Hartsburg has a population of 108 (yes. total.), but that the festival draws 32,000 people every year (its only 1 weekend long)!! he decided that meant we should find an alternate way in and out of town...exactly the kind of thing that made me marry this man. everyone else easily waited 2 hours to get out of town and to the freeway...we walked slightly (maybe a few blocks) farther to our car and drove away with no wait!

we made it back in time to catch most of the duck game. did you see the SWEET touchdowns in the first few minutes of the second half?? we were screaming and clapping in the sports other duck fans here so they all just stared...whatever! your loss missoura!

YUM kettle corn

back to the festival...this was our first stop...kettle corn. YUM!

i heart autumn

missouri can be pretty

stacked tomato cages




there were lots of crafts booths, too! i love that my husband enjoys this stuff as much as me...we were checkin' out all the crafts/holiday decorations and he kept saying, "i can't wait til we can get all this stuff for our house." i melted, just a little. we had so much fun walking around and the weather was, obviously, awesome!

mirror clouds

clouds in the mirror on the way home.

the loot

our loot!! grant says we are celebrating pumpkin diversity in this household...ha!

can you guess how much this all cost??? $15! can you believe that? pumpkins are 2 for $10 at the grocery stores here...such an insane rip off.


jenni said...

the way you took your pictures it doesn't look like anyone else is there!

pumpkins are so expensive at the store. it is not right. there is a place here called Pumpkin World. SO LAME they charge 20 bucks for that little pumpkin in the top right of your last picture and 75 for big ones! i hate that place.

Holly and Everest said...

I want to go to pumpkin festivals with the two of you!

Jonas and Janelle said...

LOVE the pics from this day... so beautiful, especially the one with all of the tall grass. Missouri CAN be beautiful :) Glad you guys had a fun lil' adventure and nice bargain shopping Mr. and Mrs. Simmons!

Joel Miller said...

this is easily the most awkward-looking pumpkin picture ive EVER seen!