Friday, April 9, 2010

olive + apple = love

i know this blog has become devoted to our dog...but here is yet another Olive post. we love her too much and are too busy to do anything else exciting to share.

yesterday Olive and I hung out in the backyard and shared an was a special treat to make a puppy mama feel less guilty about sending her baby to be spayed.

see those wrinkles there under her chin?? i ADORE them!
and do you like her new collar?? she has had it for a few weeks and i heart it here from etsy.

see all that lush green grass (really they are weeds, but we'll call 'em grass)?? makes me so happy to see the brown slowly dissipate!

poor girl had a rough week with a UTI diagnosis and a ovariohysterectomy! she seems to be doing ok - I think Grant and I are more traumatized than she is. happy weekend y'all!

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