Tuesday, April 27, 2010

granola and ish

no we haven't died, but yes we are totally boring and therefore have nothing new to report. we did have one really exciting few days about two weeks ago when we found out that our car is a piece of **it forcing us to buy a new one or go a MISSOURI SUMMER without air conditioning. sooooo.not.happening.

the next day we found out the fabulous financial aid folks here neglected to inform me that we are ineligible to receive summer loan money. SWEET - lets spend $25,000 on a new car AND $3,500 on tuition THAT WE DON'T HAVE. if we never give our parents grandchildren you can blame the woman who sold us that F-ing car and the oh so generous University of Missouri...

really though...i'm sure it will all work out. sometimes i just wish we could receive one, JUST ONE, financial break.


on to the reason i actually came to post... GRANOLA!

This stuff is the bomb and is SO easy (really it is...its called EASY granola). i only had to buy coconut and pepitas because everything else is stuff we keep in the pantry. i don't think i will ever be buying granola again - i like this because it is sweet, but not overpowering - i can't stand it when things are too sweet. now i just need to find a yogurt that is healthy, and not just pretending to be.

as i re-read this post i think it might be evident that i have spent the past several days alone with the dog...

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