Saturday, October 23, 2010

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch 2010

I'm posting this out of chronological order in all the catch-up posting, because its seasonally appropriate. Last weekend we took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch! Last year we went to the Pumpkin Festival which was awesome, but G was out of town for it this year so we had to settle for a local patch. It was nice, but I have to tell 'ya Missouri needs to get it some more patches...there were hardly any patches to even go to and then when we got there we only had baby pumpkins to choose from. We had fun anyway and the weather was really nice...almost too hot!

pumpkin patch 2010 pumpkin patch 2010

pumpkin patch 2010

lots of cute animals and photo-ops. This annual tradition always gets me in the mood for all the fun holiday stuff to come - thanksgiving yumminess and all the decorating for Christmas! We won't be with family for any holidays this year so we are going to have to make it extra special with just the two of us.

pumpkin patch 2010

pumpkin patch 2010 pumpkin patch 2010 pumpkin patch 2010


jenni said...

smallest pumpkins ever! We went to a local patch and our pumpkins were sooo old. They were all nasty only a few days after carving them, good thing we are having a redo in Portland!

Jonas and Janelle said...

Cute pics, miss your faces!

The Richards said...

Love the pic of you and Grant. Adorable!