Thursday, October 14, 2010

She + Him


this was such a crazy day! it was a monday. the friday before i had driven to st louis for my first interview at children's. they asked me to come back for an interview the following monday (the day of this concert). it was an early morning interview (7am) so grant and olive and i decided to stay sunday night in st louis so i didn't have to drive over really early when i was nervous. i had the interview monday morning (went well, i thought), we drove back to columbia which is two hours west of st louis. grant worked for a few hours and then we packed up our stuff and drove to the other side of the state for SHE + HIM in Kansas City. and it was a REALLY hot day and if you remember we didn't have AC in our car most of the summer - we were a hot mess. on the way there children's called to offer me the job - we were so excited we pulled over to absorb the news! anyway. this concert was AWESOME!


It was awesome for a number of reasons - one being the venue. it was very historic and intimate - we got to stand close to the stage!


The best part was how much the music sounded JUST like their CDs. I love them SO much i wanted to go up there and hug them! Zoe is adorable!

See... sounds good, huh?


if you ever have a chance to see them I guarantee it will be worth your time...

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jenni said...

that looks so awesome! they went to philly, I will have to catch them next tour!