Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh Olive!


This is what she does EVERY TIME we go to the dog park. She is like a pig rolling in the mud. She is the only one who chooses to torture their mom like this AND she refuses to go in the water to rinse off. Usually resulting in a full on bath when we get home. Its all good though because she LOOOOOVES the dog park SO much. If you tell her we are going she flips - just can't contain herself.


All the other dogs wondering what the heck she is doing. You like how her legs are all sprawled out back so she can get maximum belly to mud application?


She is LOVING life.


Always with the tongue.


Olive and the Pellingers were best buds by the time they left - she cuddled up with them and was totally over G and I!

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jenni said...

Lills was like that with Tom and Donna too, she was all over them!