Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oregon Reunion


Mid-August we had the pleasure of hosting a whole gaggle of friends from our days in Oregon - one from each pair got a PhD at the University of Oregon (home of the #2 football team in the NATION - NO.BIG.DEAL). The first to arrive and travelling the farthest were Tom and Donna in from Massachusetts. We started off by introducing them to Flat Branch and YogoLuv.


Then we introduced them to Olive and she, being the exceedingly well mannered dog that she is, proceeded to jump all over them and lick them profusely. we are so proud. PS this post has a ton of pictures but there were over 200 so I did waht I could to cut it down.


The next day we set off on the Katy Trail to bike to Rocheport - our fav little town we have told you about before. It was HOT that day. yuck.


We brought a picnic and bought a bottle of wine to enjoy at the winery. We got a flat tire on the way home and almost missed the time we had to turn our rented bikes in by...we were exhausted! 32 miles is a lot! We got in our jammies and ate shakespears - it was awesome.


The next day we laid low since we had been so active previously. I really wanted G to bake with me, but he never will - Donna helped me convince him and we made these AMAZING oatmeal cookies. I make them all the time because I am obsessed and everyone always can't get enough.



That evening Brett and Beth arrived from Kansas and we had an awesome dinner off the grill. Even later that night Jon and Jess arrived!


The next morning we ventured to the farmers market - it was a perfect morning for a visit.


Yumm - fresh fruit and veggies!


The whole gang with our loot! I LOVE this picture.


Then we drove to Rocheport and took everyone to our favorite restaurant that all of our guests have to visit - Abigails in Rocheport. The food is SO good and fresh and the restaurant has the best kitschy ambiance.


The whole gang! Soo good to all be in one place!


We went back to the winery for the afternoon and enjoyed good conversation and spirits.


We made more yummy food for dinner and then played games. Its our favorite thing to do when we are all together. Well - its my favorite at least.


as Tom demonstrates - things got intense. It was such a fun weekend with everyone! We wish it could have been longer, but we are so thankful for what we got! Before Tom and Donna left we took Olive to the dog park - there are a few funny pics I will post tomorrow.


Tom and Donna said...

such an AWESOME trip. so glad you're feeling better. sending you hugs from MA ;-)

Alisha said...

How totally fun!!!!! And you are looking great, my dear!