Monday, August 29, 2011

38 weeks!

38 weeks 

Still truckin' along over here. Apparently I'm HUGE or at least that is what everyone who saw me grocery shopping today thought. Seriously three people stopped me to ask when I was due and were beyond shocked when I said two weeks. And I got the ever famous, "Well you must be having twins" Nope. Just one, ThankYouVeryMuch! I really don't feel like I'm giant, but at our birth class this weekend I was for sure the biggest one there and almost everyone was due within a week of me.
I still feel really good. Tired sometimes, but mostly just the same as I've felt the past few months. Carpal tunnel, occasional heartburn. I wake up about three nights a week to pee at 3am, but otherwise I sleep fine and feel fine. I'm told I am starting to have a bit of a waddle, but I don't feel a lot of pelvic pressure yet. I will admit I'm getting more impatient for this kid to get here. I feel silly for wanting it so bad when I still feel good, but I'm just ready! I've been pregnant and waiting for what seems like an eternity so now I want my prize! I'm trying really hard to relish this last bit of time to myself/with Grant and remember that baby will come at the perfect time when he or she is good and ready. 

As I mentioned, we had our birth class on Saturday - we really enjoyed it! It was at our birth center and went over lots of what to expect and when to call/come to the birth center. She also went over lots of pointers on how to touch a laboring woman and ways to provide comfort. We practiced different massage techniques and labor positions and even got in one of the birth tubs! It was really great to meet other couples with babe's due so close to ours and to hear their baby names! It was also reassuring to see all the people with like-minded approaches to birth. Next week we have a prenatal breastfeeding class that I'm excited about!

38 weeks 

I've been meaning to take a picture of the belly with headphones and I finally remembered! Every once in a while I play the babe some music. Its funny to feel it squirm to the beat and I will be interested to see if it likes this music more when it is born. I usually play this Journey CD, because this kid's papa loves him some Journey.  I got an iPod dock for the nursery so we can play music in there while baby naps or while we are nursing. I'm hoping to get a few white noise tracks to play too. I've heard newborns love them some white noise!


This was a big baby week...lots of pictures! Last Monday Grant installed the carseat. This felt like a big moment to me - like we are really getting close! He was so cute...he read through the entire manual whilst listening to some hard core rap and sitting in the back of the car. We had totally cleaned the car inside and out the night before so it was all ready for the install. I don't even drive this car (b/c it has no AC and no woman 9+ months prego should go without AC) so I haven't gotten to drive around with the empty car seat...but I'm very happy its all ready for baby! 


My weekly midwife appointments are always an hour long, but there isn't always that much to do. We chat, they measure me, listen to baby and then we are usually done. Last week they asked if I would want them to draw my baby for me. I know some people probably think this is totally weird and hippy, but it was kind of fun and actually really relaxing! It was fun to see the babe's position and to imagine more what it looks like. Grant thinks babe will be born bald and then will have really blond hair... wonder if the drawing is more accurate or if he is right!!


My favorite part was the placenta... it is what connects us and it amazes me all that it can do! They just used water soluble paint so I washed the drawing away later that night. Fun while it lasted!


Bethany said...

I am excited for you! I just randomly saw your blog on some CoMo site, and I am glad I did. My baby is now four months old, and I really miss week 35-38, those were my favorite weeks being pregnant - and seeing your posts make me so happy!

The breastfeeding class was SO helpful to me. Be sure to ask as many questions as possible. If you do, you basically don't need to read the Nursing Mother's Companion!

I like the drawing of your fetus! Be sure to ask to see the placenta because its so odd and cool.

Good LUCK!!

cb said...

Just thought of 2 random things:
First - have you heard of donating cord blood? Here is a link that explains some about it:

Second, one of my favorite lullabies is the Alison Krauss version of Baby Mine - the Dumbo lullaby. I used to play it for my nephew when he was a baby and he LOVED it.

So exciting how close you are to the big day!