Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Basketball Challenge


Colin is one of Grant's co-workers. He is an UO HPHY Alum and an all around nice guy. Colin likes to challenge his co-workers in a physical challenge once a month or so. A running race, a swimming race, etc. Grant decided he'd like to play basketball for his challenge. The date was set for August 2nd. They both trained and there was even a small crowd for the game. I think they played best of three to 21 or something? I can't remember. They had lots of sweaty fun until Colin got hurt. Unfortunately, he re-injured is patella cutting the challenge short and putting him in a leg brace for several weeks =(. I love these pictures of the game taken by another one of Grant's co-workers. They have so much fun workin' out there!

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Alisha said...

So what you're saying is Grant won, right? :)