Monday, December 12, 2011

Civil War: Edrie's First Duck Game


We were so excited, but anxious to take Edrie to her first duck game! In our dreams we have season tickets and Duck games are a part of our kids' childhoods, but right now it is limited to a select few games we can afford or are gifted tickets to. I was also anxious because of all the driving involved (2 hours each way) and we know that this kid isn't in love with the car! We decided to be strategic... leave REALLY early when Edrie would still be sleeping and hopefully she'll sleep all the way down. It was also a little nerve racking because Grant couldn't do any of the driving due to a minor surgery a few days before. ANYWAY... our strategy worked and it was awesome! I got myself a dutch brothers and my two loves slept in the backseat while I drove the familiar stretch of I-5 between Portland and Eugene as the sun came up. I really can't tell you how much I needed those two hours to myself. I just thought and caught up with myself. So dreamy.

Once we arrived and little miss woke up, we got her all dressed in her duck gear so we could tour campus. 

Good 'ol Esslinger Hall...where SO much of our history lies!


We thought this was funny


Happy little bean chillin' while we ate our lunch


And then made the trek to Autzen. So nostalgic... I love it! Pretty insane to think about how many times I've been to that stadium and under all the different circumstances... from a jello shot filled freshman college student to a married mama enjoying a game as a family!


the tickets we got were sweet - we were in these little temporary boxes. It was nice because we could get up and walk Edrie around - there was also free beer!


One of her new favorite things is to chew on hands..


After the game we met Lucas and Leslie for dinner! Love them! You can almost picture them with their own little one huh?! ;)

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