Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A visit with Santa


For my birthday this year we decided to spend the evening downtown. We bundled up and met at Pioneer Place to see the big Christmas tree. The night was perfect - crisp, clear, and no rain! 


We took lots and lots of pictures... my husband is so sweet to oblige and even helps ask strangers! 

IMG_5425 IMG_5403


Then we went in Macy's Santa Land so Edrie could have her first visit with Santa Claus! 

She was completely oblivous to the big bearded man holding her and we couldn't get her to smile to save our lives! So glad for the memory though! Her shirt says I {heart} Santa...from the lovely Aunt Lindz
Then we walked to the Pearl District for a lovely dinner just the three of us. It was such a nice break from the crazy that is our life right now...house hunting, G commuting 4+ hrs a day, piles of medical bills, AN INFANT! life is so crazy but good! Here's to my 29th Year!

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Holly and Everest said...

Yay for updates! Growing strong Miss Edrie.