Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Edrie's First Christmas


This Christmas was weird for me. I usually spend the whole month of December immersed in decorating, crafting, and celebrating. This year I've been generally distracted (by the most amazing little being) and we also spent December trying to buy a house. I didn't have any Christmas parties/festivities to attend. There was no house of ours to decorate, our ornaments are all in storage and I didn't finish Edrie's stocking until Christmas Eve. It was just weird and snuck up on me. Next year will be more relaxed - I'll have a bit more of this parent thing under my belt and we'll be in our house so hopefully we can have everyone over!

In addition to feeling like I was in La La Land we did FOUR! Christmases in TWO days. I said I'd NEVER do that, but there I was shuttling my kid who hates the car to the far corners of Portland to see our family. We had a lot of fun in each place, but it was absolutely exhausting. I'm glad Grant agrees that something has to change for next year because there is no way we can keep that act up!

Though Edrie was oblivious to what was going on, she loved seeing all her family and most of all enjoyed staring at the Christmas lights!

I started and finished a pair of Christmas Big Butt Baby Pants on the morning of Christmas Eve (seen in the first picture). I really wanted her to have them to wear that day. Apparently I tried to get them done a bit too fast because one of the butt seams came out after I washed them =(. Oh well - they were cute while they lasted!

OH! The best part of Christmas was having my brother in town - he is so much fun and so funny! And he got to meet Edrie for the first time! Of course he fell in love! He was so cute playing with her! Loved that!

Joel, Grant, Edrie and I met my dad at Henry's downtown for lunch on Christmas Eve. It was a beautiful day and the city was bustling!


She is getting so smiley these days!
After lunch we walked to Jamison Square to see the Christmas tree...

The family who took this picture may or may not have had a six month old who was smaller than Edrie... She is such a chunk!

Next up was Grant's dad... this is where Edrie started to lose it. She doesn't do as well in the car in the evening (not that she ever does THAT well). We had to pull over on the way to dinner and then again for thirty minutes on the way to a 10pm church service. Have I mentioned I haven't had a full night's sleep since September 10th?? Staying up until midnight was a true feat!


Grandparents love their pictures! This was so cute - the scene was the same with each set of grandparents...clamoring for time with the little lady and as many pictures as possible!


Christmas morning we woke up at home and had breakfast. It was a nice low-key pajama clad morning...



IMG_5632 IMG_5636



Edrie LOVES 'super baby'!


Christmas evening we headed to Grant's mom's for dinner. Edrie wore her reindeer onesie one last time!



We opened presents with my mom and step-dad the morning after Christmas...


Edrie was enthralled with these mini stuffed animals!



The doggies fighting over a new toy


Edrie LOVES LOVES LOVES Olive and tries to watch her every move




Later that day we took the max downtown to walk around the city and have lunch. We love taking the max places because Edrie doesn't cry like she does in the car. Its heavenly!


The next day (Tuesday) was my brothers last day in town so we headed to HopWorks with him and my dad for lunch. Edrie looked cute playing with her toys... Santa brought her that hippo from Little Sapling


She loves this ball. I went to Babies R Us a few weeks ago to search for a non-obnoxious toy that she could practice her new found grabbing abilities on. I was about to leave and spotted this. It is perfect and she loves it!

All in all a great, family filled holiday! Edrie was spoiled - both in love and gifts and we enjoyed seeing her with all her grandparents and uncle! Can't wait til next year when she will 'get' it a bit more and we'll have our house!

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jenni said...

You documented her first Christmas so well! love all her smily pictures and that one of Grant holding sleeping Edrie on the max.