Sunday, January 1, 2012

In 2011...


:: I found out I was pregnant for the very first time.

:: I loved loved loved having that dream come true.

:: I quit the first job I've ever loved without a second thought so we could move HOME.

:: I drove across the country with my husband, puppy, and a tiny, tucked in my belly Edrie looking forward to another adventure (we seem to have so many of those in this life.)

:: I didn't have to suck it in, but instead proudly displayed my burgeoning belly.

:: I sold our first home, closing a chapter of our life that I loved and sorely miss. 

:: I moved three, yes you read that right, THREE, times.

:: I learned to breathe deeply. I have the cheapest community center prenatal yoga in Portland to thank for that. I am forever grateful.

:: I spent the last lazy weekends of summer with my husband and a quiet anticipation.

:: I experienced natural labor and loved it. I felt powerful. The natural birth was not to be and it broke my heart. Every time I look at that scar I am at once in love with what it brought me and torn by what it took away.

:: I tried to let go of what I can not change and look forward, with hope, to a second chance.

:: I met my daughter. and was shocked that she was, in fact, a daughter.

:: I loved her, but hormones and sadness made me question and fear. And then she smiled.

:: I loved, more than I ever thought, being a cliche pregnant housewife turned stay-at-home mom. I'm relishing these days with her.

:: I lived with my parents and am grateful for all they have given us.

:: I cursed the cost of medical care, even with insurance.

:: I helped find our second home. The first one we will have as a family.

:: I, for the first time since we married, am looking forward to a time without major upheaval on the horizon. It feels so good.

Goodbye 2011.

Hello 2012!


Jonas and Janelle said...

Love this post and SO happy to have you guys home, this year and from now on. Love your family to pieces!

J J & j said...

Love this post too Nicole. Here comes 2012...may it be less crazy for you guys!