Friday, January 13, 2012

January Randoms (so far...)


Loving her new mittens!

IMG_0881 2012-01-09_15-27-51_118
Still lives in the moby and sometimes she'll nap out of it...its so rare I took a picture... 


bein' a big girl playin' with her rad toys

she LOOOVES the baby in the mirror! It is too funny how she flirts with herself!

demonstrating her new-found grabbing skills

being a happy baby in the car...these are the kinds of car rides I dream about happening consistently!

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PS said...

Buttercup was lying down beside me when I played the video of Edrie grabbing her elephant and she got so excited about all the baby sounds that she jumped up, started wagging her tail, and tried to locate the source of all those happy sounds! She is already smitten with Edrie :)