Thursday, March 22, 2012

Helpin' Out in the Kitchen


This is another of our routines I wanted to document, because these babes grow and change so fast that the way you cope with them in our life is forced to change too.  This is what we do while I make dinner or eat lunch. She sits on the make-shift island in our kitchen nook while I chop and cook. I feel like I've been spending more time cooking lately because we are trying to change the way we eat. More organic, whole foods, and much less meat. I've got us down to meat just once a week or maybe twice. It really hasn't been difficult, but I've been trying lots of new recipes (loving this book). I'm interested to see how difficult the less meat thing will be once summer hits and we want to grill out every night!


Anyway, she likes to play with the measuring cups and spoons. We just laugh and talk and sing and its awesome! Most days she is in a good mood and this can work for a half hour or more! Other times, its 10 minutes and she's back in the Ergo. We take what we can get! 

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