Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jane & Edrie


A few weeks ago Jenni watched Edrie while I did a few things for my new job. She took some pictures of our girl and I just love them! Isn't she soo good with the camera?!



I've mentioned before how much Jane and Edrie love each other - well really Edrie loves most all kids, but Jane she is all about Edrie. Its ADORABLE how lovey she gets when they are together. Jenni got these pictures of them. Hugs and Kisses!



This last one is my absolute favorite. I just die! Edrie looks like a 50 year old chubby, balding with a comb over business man and is oblivious to Jane on her lap! And Jane's little smirk and look back... its all just too much! SO cute! I hope these girls continue to enjoy each other and welcome little Will with open arms!

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